Aromatherapy Mist

Rosehip Essentials

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Rosehip Essentials Aromatherapy Mist
Rosehip Essentials Armatherapy Mist

Rosehip Essentials aromatherapy mist is perfect for your body, home and linens. Simply spray liberally around you and inhale. 

Two essential oil blends:

Energy and clarity

French lavender mint mixed with Japanese supreme peppermint 

-promotes feelings of clarity and energy

-naturally cleansing and antiseptic

-eliminates odors

-spray the back of your neck to help counter feelings of fatigue


Love and Lavender

A blend of French lavender, Spanish Lavender and English Lavender

-promotes feelings of peace and tranquility

-helps reduce feelings of anxiety

-spray at bedtime to help improve relaxation


Comes in a clear 4 oz glass bottle

Avoid contact with eyes