About Us

We are honored to be part of your daily skin care regime. Rosehip Essentials products are made with love and designed to nurture the mind, body and soul. We welcome you to explore our products and gift yourself with an essential moment, created just for you.


Our Products Are

  • Lovingly made in small batches to ensure quality control. Products were developed alongside an esthetician with over 20 years experience in skin care.
  • Created using 100% organic and cold-pressed rosehip seed oil. Rosehip seed oil has been proven to significantly improve the effects of sun damage, wrinkles and stretch marks. 
  • Using high concentrations of our active ingredients. In each small batch of soap, over 12 tablespoons of pure essential oils and 1 cup of French clays are added. Lip balms contain over 17% rosehip seed oil. Serums contain over 95% active ingredients. 
  • Made using all-natural aromatherapy. All products are made using high-grade essential oils and aromatherapy blends instead of artificial fragrances which are known to be toxic. This helps not just to treat your skin but your mind as well. With stress-related illnesses being as rampant as they are, it is time we turn to age-old practices. Allow yourself a few moments everyday to truly unwind. 




 Brittney is a certified nutritionist and the proud founder of Rosehip Essentials. She is a wife and mompreneur (mom+entrepreneur) that believes that skin care should be like food - fresh, high quality and full of nutrients. Rosehip Essentials is just that, food for your skin. She was introduced to the ritual of looking after her skin at a very young age as her mother is an aesthetician.  The journey of Rosehip Essentials began after taking an adventurous trip to India to learn about Ayurvedic skin care, a practice which uses essential oils for healing and well-being. Since that time, skin care has become an essential part of her self-care regiment, in which she makes a point to do every single day.