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The Everything Serum

Rosehip Essentials

The Everything Serum was created out of the cult following for our Rosehip Essentials Facial Serum.  Many customers shared how they loved to use the serum on the face but also neck, stretch marks, fine lines, body, and hands.  In addition, the 4 oz bottle contains a special blend of antioxidant botanicals, including chia oil, frankincense, and sweet orange, to leave skin glowing, firm, and silky. The scent is an intoxicating mix of lavender, geranium, frankincense, and sweet orange.

Directions: Apply a Nourishing layer of serum to face, undereye, neck, hands, body, stretch marks or any other area needing love. The Everything Serum can be used on it's own or blended into other skincare such as foundation or body creams. 


Ingredients: Love, rosehip seed oil, meadowfoam oil, jojoba oil, lavender, geranium, carrot, apricot kernel, chia, sweet orange, frankincense.  

Comes in a 4oz glass bottle 

Collections: Body/Aromatherapy, Skin Care

Type: Unknown Type