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Mineral Lip and Cheek Tint - Rose

Rosehip Essentials

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This lip tint and cheek tint is made with the same luxurious base as our best selling citrus cream lip treatment.

100% all natural lip color that you can feel good about. A fun pedal rose rich in pigment and natural SPF. Not only is the color beautiful, this lip tint is full of botanical anti aging ingredients, essential oils and rosehip seed oil.


Smooth and silky lip treatment made with a citrus cream essential oil blend. Essential oils of sweet orange, bergamot, and Indian frankincense. Designed to nourish the most delicate skin on your face.

This aromatherapy blend will treat your lips and calm your mind.


Ingredients: love × coconut oil × olive oil × rosehip seed oil × beeswax × soywax × castor oil x sweet orange essential oil × bergamot essential oil × frankincense essential oil × micas

PLEASE NOTE: unlike commercial lip balms that are made of mostly wax, our lip balm is made of delicate oils and can melt if left in a warm car or during summer months. 

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