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Soap and Citrus Cream Gift Set

Rosehip Essentials


This set includes two of our bestsellers, lavender mint soap, and a citrus cream lip balm.



Lavender Mint Soap:

Essential oils of peppermint and lavender create a fresh, crisp soothing aromatherapy blend.

This has always been our bestselling and most loved soap! Perfect for your morning shower, the essential oil blend will wake you up and calm your mind. Allow yourself a few moments every day to truly unwind.

This soap is very moisturizing and gentle made with high-quality oils such as coconut and olive oil. Our soaps naturally contain glycerin so no additional moisturizer is needed.  Cured for four weeks so that it lasts for many uses. 

Size: 1 Piece generously hand-cut 4-5.5oz


Citrus Cream Lip Balm: 

Smooth and silky lip balm made with a citrus cream essential oil blend. Essential oils of sweet orange, bergamot, and Indian frankincense. Designed to nourish the most delicate skin on your face.

This aromatherapy blend will treat your lips and calm your mind.

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