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Rosehip Essentials Mini Facial Kit

Rosehip Essentials

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Rosehip Essentials Mini Facial Kit
Rosehip Essentials Mini Facial Kit

This set is a wonderful way to try sample sizes or perfect for a gift. 


Mini Facial Kit includes:


✿Rosehip Essentials Facial Serum

✿Rosehip and Citrus Cleansing Oil and Makeup Remover

✿French Clay Rosehip Mask

✿Rose and Lavender Hydrating Toner

✿Citrus Cream Lip Treatment




Rosehip Essentials Facial Serum

This intensive serum uses the most potent ingredients of a facial moisturizer with no fillers. Best suited for fine lines, uneven skin tones and sun damage. Made with very light non greasy oils.
How to use:
After cleansing face, gently massage a dime size amount of serum both morning and evening.
Rosehip and Citrus Cleansing Oil and Makeup Remover
A daily Rosehip oil cleanser to nourish and cleanse away makeup and impurities. 
This silky oil cleanser is blended with 5 nourishing oils including Rosehip seed oil to maintain skins natural PH balance. Lavender and lemon essential oils help to dissolve dirt and lighten sun spots.
How to use:
Massage 2 droppers full of cleanser onto dry face. Apply a warm face cloth to steam face then wipe away any extra oil.
French Clay Rosehip Mask
A clarifying French clay mask made with 3 types of clay, ground botanicals, vitamins and essential oils.
How to use: 
Mix 1 tsp of clay with a few drops of water to form a creamy consistency. Apply to face and wait for the mask to dry. Remove mask with a warm face cloth and follow with Rosehip Essentials Facial Serum. 
Rose and Lavender Hydrating Toner
This hydrating toner is made from pure lavender and rose hydrosol infused with rose geranium, lavender and rose essential oils. A heavenly delicate scent that can be used for hydration under and over make-up. Wonderful for dry or mature skin, helps to hydrate and give skin a plumper looking appearance. 

How to use:
Spray liberally after cleansing follow with Rosehip Essentials Serum
Citrus Cream Lip Balm
Smooth and silky lip treatment made with a citrus cream essential oil blend. Essential oils of sweet orange, bergamot, lemon and Indian frankincense. Designed to nourish the most delicate skin on your face. 

This aromatherapy blend will treat your lips and calm your mind.




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